Foster Care
A ministry of the church to care for the uncared

There are more than thirty million orphaned and abandoned children in India. What's more alarming is that of the 30 million children without a legal guardian or corer, less than half a million were in institutionalized care. The rest are left wandering the streets, vulnerable to abuse and trafficking. The sight of children on the streets on India is incredibly normalized, with most ignoring the problem.


Beside our present Church planting and evangelism and Christian education works, the Lord has been moving us to start for Orphan Care. We are not doing it for the sake of doing it or for any gains but for the vision and burden that the Lord has put on us. And have begun to sense the leading and moving of the Lord in this ministry.


We have gotten connected with donors who would like to donate his land for the Orphanage and other ministry facilities. We have one from Odisha and another from Andhra Pradesh, two States of India, where we are working in our Church planting ministry.

Please pray as we plan to start this ministry, we are praying for the building construction and regular support for this ministry. The Lord has provided land for us, and we thank the Lord for this provision from the Lord.

Write to us and help us in this ministry