About Udhaar Ministries

Ministry of Deliverance. Our moto is to deliver. We emphasize the most important and enduring deliverance of mankind, than the temporary / earthly.

Our Threefold Vision & Mission
  • First, the Social Deliverance of the people which is meant for the betterment of the Society through education, health, and need of food, shelter, and cloth.

  • Second is Spiritual Deliverance of the people which is for the betterment of the fallen man, who is eternally lost and dead because of the  Sin. And this betterment can only be achieved through our Lord Jesus, who came to give His life and become a sacrifice for the world.

  • Third, the Loyal Deliverance of the above-mentioned mission, we want to be loyal, to our great master the Lord Jesus and at the same time, the authorities of the land, the people who support us with great love and sacrifices.


We are Committed

Our Commitment is not based on the circumstances but on convictions, therefore, be assured of our commitment, whether there is plenty or poverty, and whether in happiness or sorrows. We strive to proceed ahead with all the challenges and commitment.

We are Accountable

We strongly believe and promote the concept of accountability, first and foremost to the Lord, who is our great master, then to you all. You can ask our financial report, of the support and donations we receive for the work, we are open to sharing with you, on request.

We are Team

We strictly denounce the spirit of bossism in the ministry. We believe in servant-leadership character, and we endeavor to keep it strong and clear in our philosophy. Do not be surprised to find our leaders doing the least of those in our ministry.